Wedding day nerves

You look perfect. The dress is divine; the veil makes you look like a heavenly body. The church boasts more flowers than your local florist, the limousine is gleaming and the cake is an artistic masterpiece. Your passport and honeymoon tickets are packed and ready. The sun is shining and it’s a perfect day for a wedding… so why do you feel frazzled, anxious and about to snap the grooms neck? Could it be that you are suffering from pre wedding stress? If so you are certainly not alone.

Why are weddings so stressful?

Wedding stress starts to build up months or even years before the actual wedding day. From that first moment as a child when you adorned your head with an old pair of net curtains and clutched a daisy bouquet, you have been preparing for this one momentous day that will change your life (no pressure there then!). When you think about it, a wedding is 20 to 30 years of hopes and dreams all in a six-hour time frame. The wedding day represents unlimited possibilities and new beginnings; there’s so much stress because it has got to be right, there will be no second chances to create your fairytale day.

Of course, in reality, nothing has to be perfect, all that is in your head (and possibly your mother-in-law’s!) Weddings are supposed to be about two people in love committing their lives to each other in a joyous celebration with friends and family. The only tears are meant to be tears of joy, and any raised voices should come from high spirits, not rattled nerves! Unfortunately stress may present itself in physical and emotional symptoms like shaking, sweating, nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, hyperventilation, panic attacks, crying and emotional outbursts, all of which feel out of your control.

Your wedding day is arguably the most important day of your life, and certainly the most expensive! It is also supposed to be the happiest day of your life – so why let it be ruined by nervous stress? If you find yourself obsessing about every little detail, losing sleep, constantly worrying, and bickering with your fiancé, it is unlikely that you are actually going to enjoy the preparations for your wedding – which should be half the fun, and even the big day itself could leave you feeling less blushing bride than red faced wreck!

So what’s the cure? Is it really possible to breeze through the planning stage in a rosy glow of love and super woman efficiency, and arrive at the church a vision of calm elegance, ready to savour every moment as you glide effortlessly through the day. With Lynn Ward Hypnotherapy the answer is a resounding yes!

Close Your Eyes…..Take a Deep Breath…Smile…and Just Imagine Feeling Serene, Calm and Beautiful!

Cold Feet or Cold Sweat?

Stress and tension will pour iced water on even the hottest passion, and it’s not unusual for the Bride and Groom to begin to question just what they are getting themselves into. You may find yourself bickering about every detail, or perhaps resenting your partner for not getting as involved in the planning and hard work. He on the other hand may think you have turned into Bridezilla! Exhaustion won’t help the situation, and many Brides suffer from insomnia, spending sleepless nights making lists in their heads and worrying about anything that could possibly go wrong. Perhaps it’s warring families and the constant arguments that are making your head ring? Is it the idea of being the centre of attention that fills you with dread rather than delight? Could it be that you are not happy with your weight, or you are worried that a chronic skin complaint will flare up? Maybe it’s a fear of flying off on honeymoon, or the thought of those injections you may need for that exotic destination?

During the pre-wedding period there are so many stressful decisions, expenses, expectations and new roles. For those embarking on a second marriage and single parents, the demands of child-rearing and financial complications can be additional stress factors .Many people do not realize how great an impact this stress can have on their happiness and relationships. And of course other sources of stress don’t go away just because you are getting married. These additional stressors can compound pre-wedding stress. Keep in mind that all change is stressful, including good change. (And isn’t getting married a huge good change?)
Whatever is standing in the way of you enjoying this magical time, be it a Phobia, Stress or excess weight, Lynn Ward Hypnotherapy can help

Getting Help With NLP And Hypnotherapy

The good news is that your worries and anxieties don’t have to take over, and they don’t have to stop you from enjoying the entire wedding process. By learning how to change your thought patterns and train your mind to deal with the situation in a positive manner. Using NLP and hypnotherapy, you can develop a more positive habit of thinking that eliminates those nervous feelings. The techniques combine work with your conscious mind and your unconscious mind to help you discover better thought and behavior patterns, while tapping into the deeper resources you may not even realize you have. The relaxation you experience during hypnosis is like a mental massage, allowing your mind and body to just let go of all that stress and anxiety and become calm, comfortable and at ease. I will teach you self hypnosis, and create a bespoke recording so that you can continue to enjoy this sense of peace and calm long after you have left my treatment room, even on the wedding day itself!

Is It Really Just Wedding Nerves?

In most cases, yes, but sometimes wedding nerves are really a symptom of other underlying problems that should be addressed. For instance, if you are having nightmares, manic outbursts or find yourself crying uncontrollably, there may be something else going on that needs your attention. It could be anger or sadness about your parents divorce, a sense of anxiety about separating from family, fear of lifelong commitment and becoming a parent, or perhaps a renewed sense of grief and loss about a parent or loved one that is no longer with you. NLP and hypnotherapy techniques are excellent tools for identifying underlying issues and helping you determine the best patterns of thought and behaviour to resolve those issues quickly and simply so that you can get on with enjoying this special time in your life.

Learn to relax and enjoy

Fortunately, you can learn to think very differently. You can learn ways to acquire a better perspective, ways of thinking that resonate with you, as you get in touch with all your resources and find the symptoms of stress and anxiety simply fading away. We can help you to do this, easily and rapidly, with a combination of hypnotherapy and NLP.

Not Just for Brides

Wedding anxiety is not just something that affects the Bride. Grooms, best men, fathers of the bride…anyone who has a high profile and distinct role to play in the big day is likely to feel nervous. Most of the nerves tend to relate to The Speeches! The number one phobia in the country is fear of public speaking. It affects so many people in all sorts of walks of life. The problem is that most of us get such little practice at it, and when it comes to weddings, the pressure is compounded by having to write a witty, moving and entertaining speech! Is there a man in your life that
Your wedding day is a day that you marry your best friend and capture memories that last forever

The average wedding in the UK last year cost £11,000. What would it be worth to get rid of your wedding day nerves?

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