If you are one of the many people in Devon and Somerset who has ever considered Gastric Band Surgery, chances are you have spent a lifetime struggling with your weight. You have probably tried every fad diet, pill and potion available to lose your excess weight, and whilst you may have seen some short term success, ultimately each diet failed, leaving you feeling despondent and hopeless, and generally even heavier than you were when you began! (Research shows that one year after the start of a diet, 97% of dieters are as heavy, or even heavier, than they were at the beginning!)

In reality, the gastric band is an adjustable band also known as a Lap-Band that is placed around the top portion of the stomach via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The gastric band is however, not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved. It is a drastic step and carries the usual pain and risks of any major surgical operation in this area of the body.

What is HypnoGastricBand?
The HypnoGastricBand© is a proven, no surgery gastric band procedure that harnesses the power of your subconcious mind to give you the same results as gastric band surgery but without the risk and astronomical costs.

What you will find with the HypnoGastricBand is a step by step process that will bring you an effective way to manage your weight without dieting… no restrictions, no three meals a day, no drinking at certain times and no difficulty.

Who is Suitable for HypnoGastricBand?

If you have stones to lose rather than pounds

If you feel your eating habits are out of control

If you have lost faith in the ‘diet myth’

If you want to avoid the dangers and huge cost of real Bariatric Surgery

Benefits and changes to Behaviours and Health
• The HypnoGastricBand© changes the way you think and feel about food
• You will eat smaller food portions and feel full and satisfied more often
• As you change your belief, your stomach will feel smaller in its function and size
• You will be in control of your hunger levels
• You will be more in control of your life and choices
• Weight reduction occurs and you begin to have more Energy and Vitality
• With more Energy and Vitality you have more Confidence in your ability to try new things
• Motivation to exercise is so much easier
• Overall health improves with weight reduction.

Treatment takes place over four 90minute sessions. As with my regular weight loss program, initial sessions focus on revealing the issues behind your weight gain, and enlisting the power of your subconscious mind to let go of any problems, habits or limiting beliefs that have been standing in the way of your reaching your ideal weight. Once we have dealt with the root causes of your problem, we can begin the re programming process, filling you with optimism, determination, and a new, healthy vision of yourself the way you were always meant to me.

“If hunger is not the problem, then eating is not the solution.” ~Author Unknown

Only when you are free from the past and primed for success, will we move on to the HypnoGastricBand© surgery. Your imagination is so amazing that the brain cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. This is why the HypnoGastricBand© is such a powerful tool for weight management, (and also why so many top sportsmen and women invest in using visualization techniques to improve their performance.) Although not necessary for all, some people may find they want an adjustment on their band and this could be done at any time in the future and is available to all that desire it. Or maybe you will just want your band removed as you no longer need it!

I will provide you with a free CD for you to listen to after your sessions which will hold positive affirmations regarding your weight loss. Although I find that most serial dieters can assess the calorie and fat content of a meal at 100 yards, expert nutritional advice will be available (though not forced down your throat!)

If you are still unsure if the HypnoGastricBand© procedure is the right choice for you, please come and meet me for a free, no obligation chat, where we can discuss your needs and have a chance to get to know one another.

By contacting me today you have nothing to lose but your excess weight!

Email me at lynn@lynnwardhypnotherapy.co.uk or call me on 01278-760003.