Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Do you suffer from the crippling agonies of anxiousness or nervousness?

Have you altered your life to fit in around the anxiety?

Do you find it hard to commit to relationships, work, sex life, social life or learning?

Do you envisage the worst in every situation you encounter?

Are you suffering from panic attacks that leave you feeling frightened and helpless?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you are not alone; there are millions of people who suffer from anxiety, and many of those will experience panic attacks. But, there is a huge difference between you and many other sufferers. You Have Taken the First Step to Freedom. I congratulate you for making the decision to take action. You’ve come this far, why not let me help you achieve the result you are looking for. By working together, we can eliminate any fear, uneasiness, worry, anxiety or other unpleasant feelings you might be having and pave the way to the peace, tranquillity and emotional freedom you deserve.

What are panic attacks?

A panic attack is an exaggeration of the body’s normal response to fear, stress or excitement. When faced with a situation seen as potentially threatening, the body automatically gears itself up for danger, by producing quantities of adrenalin for ‘fight or flight’. This would have prepared our cave-dwelling ancestors to fight or run away from danger, but it’s much less appropriate to the stresses we encounter today. Panic attacks are extremely frightening. They seem to come out of the blue and make people feel powerless, out of control, and as if they are about to die or go mad. Many people experience this problem, but many have also overcome it successfully with the help of hypnotherapy.

If you experience panic attacks over a period of time, you may develop a fear of fear itself. Because you have become hyper-aware of the sensations associated with fear, you tense up whenever anything at all reminds you of the original panic. This can include your own bodily sensations. So someone feeling hot, or with sweaty hands (perhaps because they are in a meeting in a warm room), may assume, automatically, that they are in for another panic attack. Anticipating this makes them tense up and produces the very panic response they feared.

There are a number of reasons why you might be having panic attacks, but stress and anxiety are the main culprits. Hypnotherapy, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, stress, social anxiety and panic attacks.

This is a skills-based model for treating anxiety and so you will be learning and practicing deeply calming relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and developing more helpful, realistic ways of thinking.

Personality traits

If you are always anxious, you are more likely to have panic attacks. Being over-critical and disapproving of yourself, and striving to conform to the expectations of others, is common in people who panic. You may have difficulties in expressing your own needs and asserting yourself.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Your panic attacks are likely to make you feel out of control and dependent; the victim of your bodily reactions and outside circumstances. You have already taken the first step along the road to recovery by deciding to get help so that you can learn how to master your symptoms and take back control. At Lynn Ward Hypnotherapy my sessions are geared to helping people get the results they want, usually in less time then you might expect. With just a few hours work, you can change your life. So what are you waiting for?

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