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It’s official! We have finally left the gloom of winter behind and have entered British Summer Time!

Granted, you may still have your central heating turned up to max and none of us are likely to be parting with our thermals just yet, but nevertheless, the days are getting longer, flowers are in bloom and our thoughts are naturally turning to the promise of the summer to come.

Those January resolutions may feel like a very distant memory and if yours was to lose that excess weight that’s been bothering you for too long now, then like the other thousands of people in Devon and Somerset, you may be wondering why you failed.

But don’t be too hard on yourself. Most of us chose the darkest, most depressing month of the year to fight the flab, so is it any wonder that the battle can seem so daunting. Bloated and tired from the excesses of Christmas we try to move from feast to famine in 24hours!

One thing is certain; Mother Nature doesn’t do much to support us in our endeavours to cut back on calories in winter. Our bodies crave comfort and warmth, so that the fireside and a hearty casserole call to us much louder than the rain lashed road to the gym and a chicken salad!

And even if you do have the tenacity to keep going through January it seems the calendar is littered with events and ‘special days’ when the supermarkets assault us with yet more chocolate and stodge! No sooner have we snuggled up with our Valentines to gorge on Belgian Truffles, champagne and a ‘meal deal for two’, then along comes ‘Mother’s Day’ and more family feasting! Then the chocolate bunny on the simnel cake comes in the form of the sugar fest that is Easter!

Is it any wonder so many of us have hidden the bathroom scales and given up the fight?

But our bodies are now coming out of hibernation and our minds are waking up to this chance for a new beginning. I’ve always thought that the New Year should begin in spring when all of nature is coming back to life, starting out fresh and full of promise.

I’ve noticed at lynnward hypnotherapy here in Somerset, that spring for me signals the arrival of lots of new clients that want to harness this Spring Clean mentality that sweeps over us all.

In exactly the same way that we might feel inspired to de clutter our drawers, hoover behind the cupboards and clear out the garage (don’t count me in on that one!) we also start to think about dumping those bad habits and re modelling our bodies so that we can feel comfortable revealing a little more flesh!

And the good news is that Mother Nature is now happy to give us a helping hand. The hours of extended daylight and the warmer weather give our body clocks an alarm call that wakes up our senses; jump starts our sluggish metabolism and gives us more energy and motivation.

Our appetite naturally adjusts as that layer of insulating fat is no longer needed, and we find we are drawn to lighter, fresher, healthier foods that the season provides.

Walking, cycling, running and getting active become a pleasure rather than a chore. And as we shed the shapeless woollies and 3 –ply vests we begin to reconnect to our bodies and take a long hard look at where we are now compared with where we want to be!

It’s this simple action of stepping back, taking stock, setting goals and making plans that really ensures success in any undertaking.

Most of us are lucky enough to know that even if winter did win the battle of the bulge, the war is far from won. Now that summer is marching forth the time is right for victory.

However, I realise that there are many of you out there who are battle weary and feel that you have no fight left and nothing more to give.

Are you are clinically obese? Have you spent your lifetime dieting only to regain the lost weight and more besides? Do you believe nothing works for you? Have you even considered undergoing gastric band surgery because you feel so desperate?

If this sounds like you then read my next blog that will describe why my HypnoGastricBand©  programme might be the solution you are looking for. You may be surprised to discover that this war can be won in your head!

Until next time, make the most of now and get Spring Cleaning your life!

Lynn Ward